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About us

Who We Are?

We are the start-up India recognized company established with the vision to help the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises by providing them with the actual awareness of the government schemes which will be the masterstroke in the change of their business growth. Nowadays, the Indian government Is finding innovative companies through their Start-up India innovation Scheme and providing a bunch of government schemes to scale them up. And in that, we can proudly say that our founders have provided the actual transparent guidance to each Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. and continuing that transparency, our founder has helped 6500+ companies to get a start-up India Recognition Certificate.

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Mission and vision:

We have a team of experts with vast experience in the consultancy field that does not work for just one service, but they always try to make relations with our clients for years. Our Experts always give proper guidance to our clients with transparency, no matter if we get less business from them. and by doing that, we not just get business from them but we get appreciation as well. So, the mission is very simple. We want to spread the awareness of benefits that are available from the state and central government for each Micro, Small & Medium enterprise with a transparent vision.

Problem with the cheap Rate consultant

in the era of young Indian entrepreneurs, Numerous start-ups are registered every month in India through CA/CS professionals. and they charge lesser professional fees because each client will not really pay high fees at the initial stage of their business. and CA/CS professionals take advantage of that and complete the task at a cheap rate, but those CA/CS professionals will not provide actual awareness about the subsequent process. Neither do they provide actual transparency to their client because if their client is fully aware of the hidden clauses of the concerned departments and schemes, then their client will avoid making any mistakes that could land them in legal trouble, and If their client does not make any mistakes. then CA/CS professionals are won’t able to charge for those mistakes but must instead charge for the actual services. 



Why Choose Us:

after providing consultancy services to thousands of clients all over India, our founders have figured out that the consultancy industry lacks transparency, actual guidance, practical commitments, and realistic expectations. And that’s why our founders have started this company to clear every lack and glitch available in the consultancy industry. And to make it real the team always follows the rule of transparency because our founders think that if they go out to get the services currently which are we offering then they should get proper guidance with transparency. and not just our founders but every client thinks that way, eventually, they are paying for it. and because of this transparent process, we not just get new clients but we also get lots of recurring business from our existing clients.

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