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Partnership Incorporation Registration

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Partnership Incorporation Registration

WHAT IS Partnership Firm?

When two or more people come together to start a business and share its profit and loss is known as Partnership Firm. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932, governs a partnership firm in India. The partnership agreement can be for a specific task or a job. It can be for a specified period or a general partnership agreement that exists until it is dissolved.

A partnership firm registration in India can be both registered or unregistered as a firm under the Partnership Act. However, an unregistered partnership firm cannot sue anyone as it does not have any Identity.

Starting a partnership firm in India is a simple process and requires a list of compliance amongst all the other forms of organizations. But, unlike other companies or LLP, a partner in a partnership firm in India carries an unlimited liability towards the creditors and debt of their partnership firm. All partners in a partnership firm are jointly held liable for debts and losses incurred by the firm. They also have a principal and agent relationship between all the partners.

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Services Covered

  • Drafting of Partnership deed
  • Applying for the PAN card of the firm
  • Applying for TAN card of the firm
  • MSME Certificate
  • Bank account opening support

Documents required


  • PAN Card of all the partners.
  • AADHAR CARD and Permanent address of each partner.
  • Name of the partnership firm and place of business.
  • Address detail of partnership firm intending to be incorporated.
  • Details nature of partnership and share in revenue by each partner.


  • Minimum 2 partners required.

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Partnership Incorporation Registration

    How To Do It?

    Process of Partnership Incorporation Registration


    Complete our simple form

    You need to submit our company registration form so that we help you for further procedure.


    Send the documents to us

    Send scanned copy of documents and details requires for registration procedure.


    Preparation of Partnership agreement & other documents

    We prepare a Partnership agreement and send the same to you for review.


    Signing of Partnership Deed & Notarization of the same

    You will take the print of final deed on the stamp paper and get the same notarized by the nearest notary in your area.


    Applying for PAN & TAN number

    Our team shall collect the final deed from you and then shall apply for the PAN and TAN number.


    Delivery of final output

    We will provide you with all the deliverable and registrations, as stated in the package.

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